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Carmelo Mirko Musumeci, Software Engineer.

My professional career is based on almost 10-years of solid experience gained both in Italy and other European Union countries.

My key strengths are the design, the development and the deployment of software systems, mainly back-end, through many programming languages and web frameworks using the agile principles.


Born in 1984 and curious by nature, since I was a kid I was affected by the typical “syndrome” of disassembling and discovering the content hidden by every little box containing electrical circuits.

  • 2016 / 2018 – Enthusiastic Python & Django API developer @ KPN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2012 / 2016 – Software Engineer @ European Patent Office, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
  • 2011 / 2012 – Design, development, performance improvement and maintenance of the ETL processes feeding a strategic reporting platform used by call center team leaders @ Vodafone Italia, Milan, Italy.
  • 2011 – Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering @ Università di Pisa. Vote: 110/110.


“Training, training without a destination, without a race to win, the bike and I, only going and traveling, seventy, eighty, one hundred, one hundred and thirty kilometers in three and half hours, discovering roads without cars, meeting cyclists of all the ages, and of all the speeds”. (Jovanotti, il Grande Boh!)